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Picking The Right Places to Shop

Posted on July 29th, by patti in general, grocery store. No Comments

One of the most important decisions a new couponer makes is the choice of where to shop. This decision can greatly effect the total at the end of the shopping trip.

In most cases, the most expensive grocery store in the area is most likely to double or triple coupons. This can make for some GREAT deals when matched with a sales price. However, it does mean that the other items on your list, those not matched with a coupon, are typically higher.

The best way to make the decision is to look at the overall picture. If you’re able to easily … Read More »

“Peelie” Coupons

Posted on July 11th, by patti in coupons, general, grocery store. No Comments

Have you ever been to the grocery store and noticed that there was a brightly colored item stuck to the front of the package of an item you were about to buy? This brightly colored sticker is known in the coupon world as a “peelie.”

I encountered one today and it reminded me of the importance of being an educated coupon shopper. People get excited when they see a coupon and it often stimulates a sale – even when it is not a good price! I had two coupons in my hand already for the product (frozen veggies). I noticed … Read More »